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We are aware of an email, phone and mail scam related to fines. More information                                                                                                


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We are aware of an email and phone scam related to fines: You may have received an email advising they owe money for a fine which provides the details of an infringement number starting with "AA". You may have received an outbound call received on Sunday, 8 October with the caller stating they are from SDRO and that outstanding debt totalled over $7K.
New case summaries of recent legal decisions are now available.
We have issued the following Revenue Ruling: DUT 010v2
The Office of State Revenue and State Debt Recovery are now called Revenue NSW.

In response to customer feedback we have simplified the purchaser/transferee declaration.

The NSW Government today announced a number of changes to taxes and grants as part of the 2017 State Budget.
If you are a customer who is affected by the recent severe weather and are having difficulty making your monthly payroll tax payment, please contact us on 1300 214 590.
If you are a foreign person who owns residential land in NSW, you must pay a surcharge of 0.75 per cent from the 2017 land tax year onwards. The land tax surcharge was introduced in the 2016 NSW Budget.

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