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Fines for failure to explain your absence from jury service

How do I pay this fine?

All your payment options are listed on the enclosed overdue fine.

What if I do not agree with this fine?

The NSW Sheriff’s Office – Jury Branch previously sent notices to your address, as it appeared on the Jury Roll, regarding your failure to explain your absence from Jury Service.

If you:

  • have not received the previous notices from the NSW Sheriff’s Office
  • did attend Jury Service
  • had a legitimate reason for not attending Jury Service,

You should:

The Sheriff will consider your case. If your explanation is accepted, the Sheriff may withdraw your fine.

What if the Sheriff does not withdraw my fine?

If your fine is not withdrawn, you can:

  • pay the overdue fine

  • have the fine listed before a local court nearest to where the offence is alleged to have occurred. To exercise this option, a $50 application fee is payable. For more information contact us.

Last updated: 30 July 2017