Customer contact centre

Due to higher than usual demand this week, our Contact Centre will be operating for fines enquiries only this Saturday, 26 May from 9.30am to 4.00pm. For fines enquiries phone: 1300 138 118. For overdue fines phone: 1300 655 805. For any other enquiries please call during normal business hours (Monday to Friday).

Electronic Duties Return (EDR)

Your payment options are:



When making a BPAY payment, remember to include the Biller Code and Reference Number printed on your remittance slip/letter.

Visit BPAY for more information or contact your bank to find out how to use this option.

Note: We recently changed our name to Revenue NSW. If you have recurring/automated BPay arrangements set up with the Office of State Revenue/SDRO, payments may have been rejected due to an unsynchronised Biller name. Please re enter the same BPay code to update your settings with Revenue NSW. Our Biller code remains the same.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Pay by electronic payment

Make an electronic payment. Our account details are:

BSB: 032 001
Account no: 205 573
Account name: OSR EPS Tax Remitting Account

Remember to list your Electronic Payment Code (printed on your remittance slip/letter) in the lodgement reference field. Contact your bank if you are unsure of how to use this facility.


Post your payment

Return Period Invoice

The total tax (ie: duty and any interest) payable for a return period will be recorded on your Return Period Invoice (Invoice). This amount must be received at Revenue NSW by the due date specified on your invoice.

Enclose your payment with the correct remittance slip from your EDR payment booklet and post to:

The Commissioner of State Revenue
GPO Box 530

Individual payments

The total tax (duty and any interest) payable will be recorded on your Duties Notice of Assessment (Notice). This amount must be received at Revenue NSW by the due date specified on your Notice.

Detach the remittance slip at the bottom of your Notice and post it with your payment to:

The Commissioner of State Revenue
GPO Box 4042

Revenue NSW cheque acceptance policy for duties

EDR approved clients are bound by our Cheque Acceptance Policy for Duties. If your client has given you an endorsed, personal or company cheque to pay their duty, please make sure you read this policy before processing your matter on EDR.

If a cheque is dishonoured, normal recovery procedures will be taken. This may attract interest and penalties.

Note: cheques made payable to us must not be banked by EDR approved clients.

Last updated: 19 July 2016